Turns YOUR Time into Money!

Time is your most precious resource and insights are your most important deliverable.  But how can you efficiently deliver those when your systems are holding you back?

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"Super easy to use."
Tom J.
Life Coach

The problems that plague most coaching software is that they are too complex, too expensive, too confusing with insane learning curve... Or all the above!

Just imaging having a personal assistant to help you with your coaching business. An assistant so efficient that they streamline your business by helping you eliminate low-value work and deliver your high value insights and direction - Exactly what your client need!

…it will streamline your business by helping you deliver what your client needs and You stay focused on the most important issues you solve for your clients, which means their results will be better, and you will enjoy your sessions more than ever before.

By empowering you to move effortlessly from session to session, knowing all your admin is done in 5 minutes; saving you hours a week in the process, you’ll feel better about the results you deliver AND your clients will love you even more.

ALL FOR less than $20 a month AND FOR UNLIMITED CLIENTS!

Client Notes

Unlimited length notes with flexible editing on- screen - can be confidential or shared with your client


Set up your next appointment right from your session screen


Create a guiding set of accountability questions and topics you can use in-session to help keep your client on track and making progress

Goals and Stats

Instantly assign up to six measurable goals and track different ones every session

Audit Trail and History

Every session is preserved and available instantly while in-session to remind yourself of last week’s assignment, follow-ups, or topics not covered

History Communication

After your session, clean up your notes, drop in your call recording link and attach any documents you want to send. Then click one button to deliver everything instantly

Call Recording

Drop a link of your recorded call directly into your session screen so your client receives the recording link for their review

*Just a buck for your first 14 days


I was stuck, drowning in paperwork and scattered screens while coaching my clients. I searched far and wide for a coaching app that was inexpensive yet fully functional while being easy to use.

For me, nothing fit the bill, so I decided to build my own system and I think you are going to love it! No more Evernote, word processors, Spreadsheets, Calendars, databases or complex filing systems! Now everything is in one place, making your job easy.

Just concentrate on helping your client and let keep track of and document all your activity while getting better results and feeling less stress than you ever have before!

If you’re like me, you love helping clients but hate wasting time writing up and administering your sessions. You know you cover a lot of material in all your sessions and somehow your clients just don’t seem to follow through or stay accountable.

Now there’s a way to ensure they get the results you worked so hard to help them achieve! has made my coaching sessions MUCH easier. I now have my notes and the homework assignments all in one place. I’m now recording Zoom sessions in the cloud so I can easily include the link in the session. It’s especially helpful when I have back-to-back client sessions. has all the features I need and none that I don’t need. I love that it’s so simple to use and that it saves me time. And my clients now get an instant reminder of their homework, which is helping keep them accountable!

Kae Wagner

Struggling with Paperwork? Not anymore!

Now, with, you save time – a lot of time – by keeping EVERYTHING all in one place! Yes, a single screen system makes coaching effortless and gets you into your next session rapidly because the paperwork, administration efforts, and tracking is all handled for you.

  • If money is no object then create your own software.  Hundreds of thousands of $$ and a few years later, you’ll have exactly what you want.
  • Or you can hire an assistant to do all this for you, shadowing you every session.  That’s still tens of thousands of $$ every year, or try other software for coaches that require hours and hours of setup and training, only to leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and bewildered.
  • Instead, spend a fraction of that and get started in 12 minutes, which just might make you smile, just like I did when I ran my first session with I know you will love it as much as I do.

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*Just a buck for your first 14 days

Yearly at $299.97

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*Just a buck for your first 14 days

For less than Sixty Seven Cents a day and a 12-minute learning curve, you can be far happier, less stressed, and far more efficient than with other products costing 2X, 4X, 6X, and more.

Here’s What You Can Do with

Take detailed notes on every session, keep them private or share them with your client.

Assign custom accountability questions individually, to every client, and review them while documenting the results live in every session.

Add your own questions or draw from our library of popular accountability questions to use in your session.

Track up to six different statistics and update your progress of each client, every session to ensure your clients win big.

After your session is over, click once to send a perfectly formatted email containing everything you did including:

Did you notice the intuitive, fluid one-screen system, that lets you stay in total control of every session, making your job far easier and much more enjoyable?

Here’s What You Can Do with

As a coach, a counselor, a therapist or a consultant and you know how much time and effort you put into helping your clients, but…

They don’t appreciate what you pour into every session. With, they will see exactly how much passion and determination you bring to every session!

Unlimited Clients per Coach

One-Screen for ALL Notes, Homework & Accountability

Comprehensive Audit Trail for ALL your Work

Simple Wizard Setup and 12 Minutes to Learn

Expandable to
Unlimited Coaches!

Here’s What Our Subscribers Are Saying...

As a CEO/executive performance coach, managing the interactions with my coaching clients is cumbersome and chews up my cognitive capacity, which is what my clients pay for. ClientFolio solves that problem and adds more useful services, bringing even more value to what I deliver and offering clients constant proof of my value, keeping them with me longer. This is the master coaches power tool. Expect high returns on your investment in this tool from day one.

Mark S. A. Smith,
Business Growth Strategisty is an amazing tool every coach or consultant, and probably sales person, should have in their toolkit. It instantly got me organized, helped me stay on track in my meetings and kept everything right at my fingertips. No more pages of notes to file in physical folders that were never nearby when I needed them. I am so much better prepped for my client conversations and I love the ability to have things easily organized. One of the best features is the Accountability Questions section with pre-seeded questions to ask! It’s like the A.I. in this tool is already reading my mind and knows what I need even before I do! Scary good!!!

Ellen Finkelstein

Fill The Form

Fill out the form and follow the on-screen wizard to enter your own information

Setup Profile

Upload your company logo and select your company colors, add a couple of your clients, set up your accountability questions and get ready for your next fully empowered coaching session!

Get Started

Log in 5 minutes before you start your session, check your notes and homework from last week and get ready to rock!

Want to work from your tablet?

Get comfortable and run your sessions from anywhere, without losing any leverage with your clients by having

ALL your systems on ONE SCREEN!

No need to run multiple programs at once, let run your coaching sessions so you can focus entirely on your client’s needs. All you need is an web connection and your cell phone to have a fully productive session, time after time, day in and day out.

All for a small monthly fee, no matter how many clients you serve.

Your Perfectly Formatted Assignment email

After each session, simply check over your notes, decide if you want them included, assign your homework, and get ready to send a professionally constructed email with everything you want on it.

I’ve been a coach for over 3 decades. I’ve coached hundreds of business owners and the one thing missing was an easy way to track everything my clients were doing AND assign them homework, schedule their next session, and track their progress.

I tried everything to get organized by nothing worked for me. So, I designed this new system to be inexpensive, easy to use, and simple to understand.

In my initial testing of the software, I saved 4 hours the first week I used it and you can too.

That’s 16 hours a month, over 160 hours a year.  Now I have an extra month a year to do business or enjoy my life, and you can too.

Now that it’s part of my routine, I save even more time, AND my client’s results are even better than before! I have access to every session instantly while in my current session.

I can see every goal and how they are doing with each one.

I have access to every session instantly while in my current session. I can see every goal and how they are doing with each one.

My clients are more successful, I am saving time on my session administration and I am enjoying my coaching business more than ever before!

Try it for just one dollar

get 14 days of full unrestricted usage, then decide if it’s perfect for you

Don’t be stuck behind your desk when you work, use Anywhere!

It’s Easy to get started, just select the best option for you, fill out the form, and let the wizard guide you as you set up your new environment.

*Just a buck for your first 14 days