Guaranteed To Save 130 Hours of Wasted Time per Year!

  • Recover more than three weeks.
  • Use it to help more clients or even go on vacation.
  • After 30 days, if you don’t love it, get 100% of your money back!

ClientFol.io is here to revolutionize your coaching experience by offering a refreshingly simple, budget-friendly solution that’s easy to learn and fun to use.

All for less than $1 a day and for UNLIMITED CLIENTS!

Client Notes

Unlimited length notes with flexible editing on- screen - can be confidential or shared with your client.

Goals & Stats

Instantly assign up to six measurable goals and track different ones every session.


Set up your next appointment right from your session screen.

Audit Trail & History

Every session is preserved and available instantly while in-session to remind yourself of last week’s assignment, follow-ups, or topics not covered.

Client Portal

Your clients log in to their own portal to see assignments, answer their accountability questions and track their goals.

Call Recording

Drop a link of your recorded call directly into your session screen so your client receives the recording link for their review.

History Communication

After your session, clean up your notes, drop in your call recording link and attach any documents you want to send. Then click one button to deliver everything instantly.

Turn Your Wasted Time BACK Into Money.

Mark S. A. Smith

Business Growth Strategist

“As a CEO/executive performance coach, managing the interactions with my coaching clients is cumbersome and chews up my cognitive capacity, which is what my clients pay for. ClientFolio solves that problem and adds more useful services, bringing even more value to what I deliver and offering clients constant proof of my value, keeping them with me longer. This is the master coaches power tool. Expect high returns on your investment in this tool from day one.”

Ellen Finkelstein


“ClientFol.io has made my coaching sessions MUCH easier. I now have my notes and the homework assignments all in one place. I’m now recording Zoom sessions in the cloud so I can easily include the link in the ClientFol.io session. It’s especially helpful when I have back-to-back client sessions. ClientFol.io has all the features I need and none that I don’t need. I love that it’s so simple to use and that it saves me time. And my clients now get an instant reminder of their homework, which is helping keep them accountable!

Your Dedicated Assistant for Coaching Success

Imagine having a personal assistant dedicated to transforming your coaching business.

With ClientFol.io, you’ll have an efficient ally who streamlines your operations, allowing you to eliminate
low-value work and focus on delivering high-value insights and direction – precisely what your clients need!

ClientFol.io Benefits for Your Coaching Practice:

Say goodbye to time-consuming session documentation! ClientFol.io automates documentation, ensuring comprehensive and accurate records of every client interaction.

Utilize a single, integrated solution for all your client management needs to easily track progress, milestones, and communication in one organized and accessible platform.

Delegate administrative tasks to a dedicated assistant, allowing you to focus on addressing critical client challenges, While YOU deliver impactful solutions and see improved results by eliminating time wasted on scattered admin tasks.

Transition seamlessly between coaching sessions, knowing that all administrative work is completed within minutes and save hours each week, dedicating more time to guiding your clients towards success.

Provide clear guidance and direction to clients, eliminating confusion about their goals and desired outcomes. Solidify your reputation as an exceptional coach and receive better testimonials.

Create progress graphs to provide visual representation of your clients’ advancement. Foster a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, facilitating better communication and celebrating milestones together.

Utilize ClientFol.io’s tracking capabilities for valuable data-driven insights. This helps you identify patterns, adjust interventions, and offer targeted guidance based on progress analysis. It also enables clients to make informed decisions and adjustments along their journey.

With ClientFol.io, you become an efficient coach, delivering unparalleled guidance and comprehensive documentation. Clients recognize you as a top coach in your field, leading to a thriving coaching practice. Enjoy supporting your clients’ progress while experiencing more fulfilling coaching sessions. Unlock the power of ClientFol.io and transform your coaching business today.

Tired of being coaching’s best-kept secret? Get recognized as the coaching superstar you are by elevating your authority, expanding your practice, and raking in the earnings you’ve always dreamed of – all while transforming the lives of countless clients. With ClientFol.io, it’s so much easier to focus on your coaching instead of all the extras you need to attract and keep great clients!”


Standard Package

$ 29
97 / month
  • Cancel anytime
  • No contract required
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee In the first 30 Days

Premium Package

$ 299
97 / year
  • Cancel anytime
  • No contract required
  • Get 2-Months Free!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee In the first 30 Days

Capture comprehensive notes during coaching sessions, ensuring valuable information is documented. Even refer to past session notes to track progress, tailor coaching approach, and drive better outcomes in real-time, right inside your coaching session.

Choose whether to keep session notes private or share them with clients. This fosters transparency, collaboration, and trust by sharing notes, ensuring clients understand their journey and progress.

Add your own accountability questions to tailor coaching sessions to each client’s needs or start with the 30 expert questions included in ClientFol.io.  Delve deeper into their challenges, aspirations, and progress for more insightful discussions and actionable strategies.

Assign custom accountability questions to address each client’s unique circumstances and goals.
This enhances client engagement and commitment by personalizing their coaching experience.

Enable your clients to answer their accountability questions, past homework, goal tracking and ask you questions all in a private portal between you and your client. This streamlines your workflow, eliminates manual data entry, and maintains a comprehensive record of client progress while saving you valuable time every day.

Track up to six custom goals for each client, promoting a holistic approach to coaching. By empowering clients to update their own stats, it reinforces ownership, accountability, and direct engagement in their progress, making you a better coach, really delivering on your promises!

All of this in a fully white-labeled platform branding your own logos and colors,
showing your professionalism and dedication to your client's success.

With a dedicated Client Portal, your clients and mastermind members can all have
individual, personalized experiences while working with you, something you may not
be doing today to enhance results, increase your authority and raise your fees.

Want to Work from your Tablet?



What Clients Are Saying
About ClientFol.io

Ellipse 6@2x
Kae Wagner
Business Growth Strategist marksonlinkedin.com

“ClientFol.io is an amazing tool that every coach or consultant should have in their toolkit. It instantly got me organized, helped me stay on track in my meetings, and kept everything right at my fingertips. No more pages of notes to file in physical folders that were never nearby when I needed them. I am so much better prepped for my client conversations and I love the ability to have things easily organized. One of the best features is the Accountability Questions section with pre-seeded questions to ask! It’s like the A.I. in this tool is already reading my mind and knows what I need even before I do! Scary good!!!”

Ellipse 7@2x
Lou Bortone


“Over the years, it feels like I’ve tried dozens of different coach management platforms, but I never found one that was simple and streamlined enough to meet my needs. Most were way too cumbersome and complicated. When I’m consulting with a client, I want to focus on the client – not on the tabs or multiple screens or distractions. That’s why I was so delighted to discover ClientFol.io. Everything I need is right at my fingertips. It’s the perfect solution to manage my sessions and keep my clients on track”

Supercharge Your Coaching Practice:
Save Time, Deliver Results, and Thrive

Take ClientFol.io for a spin, risk-free! We'll refund every penny if it doesn't completely blow your mind within the first 30 days. No hassles, no hard feelings. Get started now, streamline your coaching, and start saving hours every month!

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