ClientFol.io benefits at a glance:

Coaching Session
Management Features

ClientFol.io turnsYour Time into Money!

*Just a buck for your first 14 days

Embrace the simplicity of having your entire coaching or consulting business at your fingertips, just when you need it. With everything in one place, you can effortlessly navigate your business details, even just minutes before a session. Stay organized, save time, and focus on what you do best: coaching!

Leave a lasting impression with professionally branded homework and client reports. Not only do they enhance your professional image, but they also provide your clients with clear, actionable steps for their next meeting. Elevate your influence and keep your clients engaged and progressing between sessions!

Say goodbye to endless email threads and manual data collection. Your clients will love their personalized portals, where they can easily access past sessions, accountability questions, their own stats, and communicate directly with you. This not only streamlines their experience but also frees up your time to focus on coaching.

From here, clients can see all their work with you and react accordingly, so they enter their accountability questions/answers and their numerical goals – saving you time and effort, so you can concentrate on coaching!

Here’s where clients can check their own progress on their own dashboard.

Track the journey of growth with just a click. This feature allows you and your clients to see their progress vividly, which can lead to more glowing testimonials and the potential for increased rates. Show your clients just how far they’ve come, and inspire them to go even further.

Harness the power of accountability, the secret sauce of the world’s top coaches. Use our library of insightful questions to keep your clients on track. You can even create your own categories and add questions on the fly, helping to speed up progress and enrich your work with your clients. Watch as they come to value your services more, pay you more, and leave rave reviews.

Not just one set of accountability questions; create your own categories of questions and add as many as you want, even mid-session, to accelerate progress and enhance your work with your clients, so they appreciate you more, pay you more and leave amazing testimonials.

Add as many links or files as you want, customize the message to your clients, and even change the subject line each time you use it, or save it once and forget it, making your job easier than ever before.

Welcome new clients the right way with our custom onboarding packages. Forget piecing together emails, attachments, and links. Set up your onboarding package inside ClientFol.io and send it off to your new clients in no time. This saves you time and ensures your clients feel cared for from day one.

If your organization has multiple coaches, we’ve got you covered. Use ClientFol.io to monitor the productivity of every coach in your team. With detailed views of their work, you can track everything from the clients they’ve coached to the homework they’ve assigned. Keep your team accountable and your operations running smoothly.

Here you can see how one coach is working inside your company; click the “show more”button and see the exact homework they sent, even listen to the session recording if youwant.

Reduce time spent preparing invoices and sending bills using this powerful new module. With support for PayPal, Stripe and Authorize.net, you can easily integrate your coaching programs with single or recurring payment plans. Using the custom invoice builder, your invoices are as professional as you are. Save time, collect funds faster and check receipts all in one convenient screen.

Running a group coaching or a mastermind session? Add our Professional Group Coaching Module for a small additional fee. Enable your coaching team to manage high-level group sessions with full accountability. After each session, you can easily assign homework to everyone, and all members will have access to their individual portal dashboards. This is a highly efficient way to manage group sessions while keeping tabs on all your activities.

Import groups, send an onboarding package, and welcome them into your program all with one simple action. Then open the session screen, choose “Groups,” and pick the group you are coaching.

Grow without limits with ClientFol.io. Our system is easy to learn, affordable, and designed to scale with you as you expand your business. You can accommodate unlimited clients and add additional coaches as needed, all for a small monthly fee. Build your empire with a system that’s customizable, efficient, and friendly to your wallet.

Stay ahead of the curve with our regular feature updates. In response to customer feedback, we’re always adding new, powerful features to ClientFol.io. Our commitment is to keep improving and innovating, so you can continue to benefit from the latest advancements in coaching and consulting technology.

When you become a ClientFol.io member, you’re not just using a tool – you’re joining a community. Our founder and team regularly share valuable content to help you grow your business. Enjoy exclusive interviews, feature deep dives, case studies, and connect with other coaches and consultants in the community. Come grow with us, learn with us, and succeed with us.

The Power To Build Your Empire
That Scales With You As You Grow!

For a fraction of the cost of other systems that do less,aren’t customizable, and take too long to learn.

Easy to Learn

Most people are up and running in just about 20 minutes. Need some help? Ask for a free onboarding session.

Easy to Afford

Other systems may seem inexpensive until you want to add more clients. Not with Clientfol.io; instead, you get unlimited clients for one small monthly fee of just $29.97.

Easy to Grow

No client limits, add additional coaches at just $29.97/mo. ClientFol.io can accommodate hundreds of coaches with full audit trails and productivity management.

Always responding to customer requests, ClientFol.io continues to add useful,
powerful features every month!

Get Started With ClientFol.io For Just a Buck!

Once you experience the flexibility, ease of use, and short learning curve, you will fall in love.

Become Part of a Growing Community of Coaches and Consultants

We’ve assembled some valuable content from our founder and his team to help you grow your business. Every month, you will see new interviews, feature deep dives, case studies, and a community to engage with as a ClientFol.io member.

ClientFol.io includes everything you
need at a price that anyone can afford.

Regular feature improvements and additions

Easy and free
tech support and coaching

Complete library of training modules built into your dashboard

Always accessible, everything in the cloud

Looking to migrate from another
coaching management system? Just
export your client list and let us help
you get it imported and set up quickly.

Just ask for help, it’s always available!

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