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Manage client relationships

Keep all aspects of your coaching/consulting business in one place, instantly accessible minutes before your next session.

Send customized, professionally branded homework/client reports:

Elevate your influence and show professionalism while ensuring clients have actionable steps before they meet with you next.

Invite your clients to log in to their own branded client portal!

No more back and forth using email, no more manually collecting, let your clients access their:

From here, clients can see all their work with you and react accordingly, so they enter their accountability questions/answers and their numerical goals – saving you time and effort, so you can concentrate on coaching!

Here’s where clients can check their own progress on their own dashboard

Productivity and goal tracking are one click away

This shows both you and your clients just how much progress they have made with your help, leading to far better testimonials and higher rates.

The key to better results, happier clients, and more productive sessions: Accountability!

Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins, the top coaches in the world, all proclaim that holding clients accountable is the KEY to better results. Now, with a library of 30 top questions from the best in the business, you can use them too.

Not just one set of accountability questions; create your own categories of questions and add as many as you want, even mid-session, to accelerate progress and enhance your work with your clients, so they appreciate you more, pay you more and leave amazing testimonials.

Add as many links or files as you want, customize the message to your clients, and even change the subject line each time you use it, or save it once and forget it, making your job easier than ever before.

Do you use an onboarding package to help orient new clients? Of course you do!

No more cobbling together emails with attachments and links.

Make your job far easier by setting up a custom onboarding package right inside so you can send it immediately upon signing a new client or anytime you want, saving time and effort, giving you peace of mind, that your client is fully taken care of.

Do you have more than one coach in your organization?

The most powerful way to scale your income is to add coaches/consultants to your team. The problem: how do you manage them?
The Solution: Use to run full productivity reporting on every coach in your company. See detailed views of their entire work picture, you can see:

Here you can see how one coach is working inside your company; click the “show more”
button and see the exact homework they sent, even listen to the session recording if you

Import groups, send an onboarding package, and welcome them into your program all with one simple action. Then open the session screen, choose “Groups,” and pick the group you are coaching.

Are you coaching groups or running a mastermind?

For just an extra $20/month, you can add the “Professional Group Coaching Module” and enable your entire coaching team to run high-level group sessions with FULL ACCOUNTABILITY for every member.

After every group session is over, send homework to everyone in the group with two clicks and everyone gets their own client portal dashboard to enter their stats, see all session notes and access their assignments! This is by far the most productive way to run a group while keeping track of everything you do.

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For a fraction of the cost of other systems that do less,
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Most people are up and running in just about 20 minutes. Need some help? Ask for a free onboarding session.

Easy to Afford

Other systems may seem inexpensive until you want to add more clients. Not with; instead, you get unlimited clients for one small monthly fee of just $29.97.

Easy to Grow

No client limits, add additional coaches at just $29.97/mo. can accommodate hundreds of coaches with full audit trails and productivity management

Always responding to customer requests,
continues to add useful, powerful features every month!

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