The Client Portal: A Game-Changing Feature for Coaching Success

The Client Portal A Game-Changing Feature for Coaching Success

For coaches juggling manual homework tracking, session notes, and clarification requests across multiple clients, success hinges on them actually completing these crucial tasks. But for clients inevitably, life gets busy. Critical coaching progress stalls. A centralized client portal solves this by empowering clients to self-manage key actions.

Easy Access to Assignments

Rather than digging through emails, clients access all homework exercises, assessments, readings, and videos in one organized portal. No more assignments slipping through the cracks between sessions.

Seamless Homework Submission

Clients complete and upload homework directly in their portal. Coaches see exactly who has finished tasks to better personalize upcoming sessions. No more back-and-forth emails.

Goal Tracking Visualization

Clients simply enter goal tracking metrics like weight, salary, or other KPIs into their portal. Beautiful charts visualize progress over time, keeping motivation high.

Review Past Session Recordings and Notes

Clients can revisit past session recordings and notes whenever needed to refresh concepts or prepare for the next meeting. Key insights stay top of mind between appointments.

Self-Service Clarification

When clients have questions about past sessions, assignments, or coach feedback, they can submit clarification requests through the portal rather than waiting for the next scheduled call.

Empowered Communication

Portal messaging enables clients to message their coach with quick questions or updates in between scheduled interactions for a true coaching partnership.

What Sets ClientFolio’s Portal Apart

With ClientFolio, the client portal seamlessly integrates with the rest of the

platform’s features like calendars, reminders, and billing. And it’s customized to each client with branded content.

Transform Client Accountability and Results

A branded client portal keeps clients engaged, accountable, and empowered between sessions for accelerated progress without the frustrating back-and-forth. It’s truly a game-changer for coaching success.

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