WOW Clients with Branded, Personalized Messaging

WOW Clients with Branded, Personalized Messaging

Generic auto-messages won’t cut it for discerning coaching clients expecting a premium, personalized experience. That’s why integrating branded, on-brand messaging into your client management software is a must. Custom communication delights clients while extending your brand.

Custom Branded Templates

Client management systems like allow you to create customized message templates that reflect your branding. Include your logo, colors, fonts, and messaging tone to stand out from boring defaults. Every element of your client communication can be designed by you and fully customized. You can store unlimited styles of your custom templates, using them as you need for different type of clients, different markets, and different styles of communication.

Personalized Subject Lines

While templates maintain brand consistency, personalize details for each client like their first name into subject lines. “Sarah, your coaching session is coming up!” feels special. With all that and more can be set up and scaled as you add more clients into your world.

Reminders and Ticklers

Every time you have a session using and send homework, you can also choose to enable reminders. These are designed to focus on what you wish your client to do next. You can send a separate reminder for any of the following: Do your homework, answer your accountability questions and/or enter your stats into your goal-tracking system, also built directly into

This prompts the right action and helps your client achieve their goals. Ongoing Nurture Sequences

Regularly stay top of mind with customized drips focused on the client’s goals, challenges, and interests. Mix motivation with relevant resources. If you don’t already do so, you can create a sequence of messages and send them on demand, as part of your engagement with your clients.

Be The Coach Your Client Needs Most!

Be purposefully encouraging while reminding your clients to do what they promised. This is what true accountability looks like, and you be rewarded for doing so. will assist you in managing every aspect of your coaching empire, all from a single browser window.

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